AMG570 PoE Microcontroller upgrade

A guide to upgrading PoE microcontroller firmware on AMG570 Switches

1. Navigate to the Web GUI and select Maintenance > Configuration > Delete to delete the old PoE file. Under File Name select poe.s19

2. Create a new file name by navigating to Maintenance > Configuration > Upload and call it: 'poe.s19' 

3. Upload the new PoE file by navigating to Maintenance > Configuration > Upload

Browse for poe.s19 and click on Upload Configuration. To verify a successful configuration, wait for the message 'Upload successfully completed'. 

3. In the command line console, type the command:

poe firmware upgrade

NOTE: If you have accessed the CLI via Serial console then the following input will show as:


NOTE: If you have accessed the CLI via a SSH session, the following output will show as follows:

4. Once completed, reload the switch by entering the command:

reload cold