AMG Systems has been designing and manufacturing
in the UK since 1993, and over this time, our
British Manufacturing base has grown.
With the acquisition of additional premises in Castleford
giving AMG additional scope for expansion.


British manufacturing is vital to the prosperity of the UK economy.

AMG Systems have over 25 years of experience in design and manufacturing and during that time have increased production and investment in our internal UK hardware and software engineering teams. 

As a British manufacturer we do not have to solely rely on imports and in return, this helps us deliver secure solutions quicker. We also believe in supporting British companies and where possible we strive to source local materials and expertise.

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Where other suppliers are known to import their products from overseas, often with critical operational software written by unknown entities, AMG is proud to be designing and manufacturing the complete solution in-house through their UK and US software engineering teams.

Choosing to install a complete AMG system for your application gives you a fully secure solution. Not just with our lifetime support warranty on hardware but also through our internally written and assured operational software, designed to be safeguarded from malicious malware intrusion and failures.

All this offers AMG customers what other manufacturers can't - complete accountability and peace of mind.




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