As a UK manufacturer AMG have complete control of the design and build processes.
Our software and hardware development teams in the UK and US are able to build custom products to bespoke specifications.

This makes AMG uniquely positioned to offer an end-to-end design and build service.

ODM Services

Some requirements cannot be met with our standard products, that's why AMG Systems can build customised products, designed specifically for your solutions. 

From redesigning the product housing to advancing the user interface to designing bespoke products, AMG's ODM (original design manufacturer) services aim to fulfil your design objectives.

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OEM Services

AMG have the ability to provide UK made OEM (other equipment manufacturer) products that can be rebranded with your unique identity. The majority of AMG's standard product range can be supplied on an OEM basis.

  • Customised product labelling & plain white packaging
  • Rebranding of AMG graphical user interface to incorporate your company logo
  • Assignment of your companies own MAC addresses

This, alongside the benefit of hardware and software being made and developed in the UK, allows AMG OEM products to be installed on high-security projects where items manufactured in certain countries might be disallowed.

Applications which have involved
specialist product development include:


  • Ultra compact analogue multichannel video, i/o gigabit Ethernet transmitter over single fibre, for remotely operated submersible vehicles
  • Ruggedised Managed PoE Ethernet switch with integrated analogue encoder for 200 camera single fibre fast healing ring over 120km network
  • Ruggedised Managed Ethernet switch with real-time, lag and lossless audio, FTT-10 & 20mA loop signals for 100 site Voice Evacuation converged network integrated system
  • Managed Ethernet switch with fully integrated MPEG2/JPEG/H.264 Video encoder with PTZ telemetry




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