AMG Powered Redvision X3 Storm Camera

Product Compatibility Testing - The Redvision X3 Storm-316 Camera

AMG Systems are a UK Manufacturer of Industrial Transmission Products. We regularly reach out to other manufacturers to test their high power PoE devices ensuring compatibility with the PoE standards. Not all high power PoE devices actually support the new 802.3bt PoE standard. 

UK Manufacturer synonymous with rugged, high-quality CCTV solutions, Redvision CCTV design and manufacture the pioneering X-Series range of PTZ cameras, including the X2 Combat, X4 Commander, and ultra-rugged 316 stainless steel X3 Storm. In addition to a rugged and resilient camera body, X-Series PTZ cameras provide stunning recorded images and an extensive feature set to match. Its high-PoE option provides installers with simple plug and play, utilising easy connectivity via the RJ45 socket in the base of the camera, operating over a full 100m Cat5e span.

The model tested was the Redvision X-Series IP X3 Storm in Stainless Steel which included wiper and Illuminators. Combined, these require a PoE provision that exceeds 30W (802.3at) 

AMG Systems products used to create the test were versions that support 802.3bt(90W):

All of the above AMG products used to carry out the test proved successful. The camera was placed under full power load without any reboot issues within network distances in compliance with the IEEE network standards of 90 meters.

A pair of AMG160-1F-1EU Extend-Net™ units were able to maintain full operation of the X3 Storm PTZ to a distance of 200 meters over CAT5 using PoE Passthrough. This was extended to 300m by powering the AMG160-1F-1EU units separately.

Note that the AMG150/250/350 802.3bt(90W) models will support Redvision X-Series PTZ Cameras from serial number which starts 231001 (where 23 is the year, 10 is the month and 01 is the day).  AMG570 Series will require PoE Firmware of V3.55 or higher.

If you’re looking to provide PoE for the Redvision X3 Storm, or any of the Redvision X Series IP Camera range, look no further than AMG Systems. We are the perfect partner for providing PoE power, fully supporting 802.3at(30W) and now the new 802.3bt(90W) requirements.

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