NEMA Standards Confirmation by 3rd Party LAB

AMG Transmission Products exceed the NEMA TS-2 Standard for use in unconditioned roadside environments, tested for shock, -40°C to +74°C ambient operating temperature, mechanical shock, vibration, humidity with condensation, high-line/low-line voltage conditions and transient voltage protection. Tested and confirmed by a 3rd party Lab.

The NEMA TS-2 standard confirms that AMG Transmission Products are designed and manufactured to be used in the toughest harsh industrial environments imaginable.

• Intense Shock and Vibration Resistance – Roadside, Rail, Heavy Factory Applications
• Extreme Temperature Operation. AMG products can operate in temperature ranges from -40ºC to +74ºC, guaranteed.
• Moisture Resistant, 0 to 95% Humidity Operation (Non-Condensing)
• Voltage transient protection on all power and signal input/ output lines provides protection from power surges and other voltage transient events
• Resistant to Electro-Magnetic (EMI) and Radio Frequency (RFI) Interference.
• Passive Cooling, no fans needed.
• We are so confident in the build quality and performance of our product, that we back it with a Lifetime Warranty.


If the extremely long-term operation of your network is important to your operation, AMG network products are your only answer.

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