AMG Powered Avigilon PTZ Camera

1.0C-H4IRPTZ-DP45. A PTZ Camera that requires a PoE provision that exceeds 30W (802.3at) - Product Compatibility Testing

AMG Systems are a UK Manufacturer of Industrial Transmission Products.  We regularly reach out to other manufacturers to test their high power PoE devices ensuring compatibility with the PoE standards.  Not all high power PoE devices actually support the new 802.3bt PoE standard.

Avigilon is a Motorola Solutions video security and access control brand.  Motorola Solutions is a global leader in public safety and enterprise security. Their solutions in land mobile radio communications, video security & access control and the command centre, bolstered by managed & support services, create an integrated technology ecosystem to help make communities safer and businesses stay productive and secure. 

The model tested was the 1.0C-H4IRPTZ-DP45.  A PTZ Camera that requires a PoE provision that exceeds 30W (802.3at)

AMG Systems products used to create the test were:

** Models supporting 802.3bt(90W) PoE and support PoE Legacy Mode
All of the above AMG products used to carry out the test proved successful.  The camera was placed under full power load without any reboot issues within network distances in compliance with the IEEE network standards of 90 meters.
A pair of AMG160-1F-1EU Extend-Net™ units were able to maintain full operation of the Avigilon PTZ to a distance of 250 meters over CAT5 using PoE Passthrough.  In this instance the PoE Power was provided by using an AMG150-2GBT-P180.

If you’re looking to provide PoE for the Avigilon 1.0C-H4IRPTZ-DP45 PTZ, or any of the Avigilon IP Camera range, look no further than AMG Systems.  We are the perfect partner for providing PoE power, fully supporting 802.3at(30W) and now the new 802.3bt(90W) requirements.

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