Florida DOT Approves AMG Products

Florida DOT approves AMG products for use in all Florida Transportation and Infrastructure projects.

After extensive testing the following AMG product families have been fully approved by Florida DOT:

  • AMG1xx Series
  • AMG2xx Series
  • AMG5xx Series

“We’re pleased the Florida DOT has tested and approved AMG products for use in their many projects. AMG performance and quality are becoming well known in the USA and we welcome any other states who want to evaluate our products for use in the projects the are currently developing,” said Dave Sinise, AMG East VP of Sales.

See why more and more government agencies are turning to AMG for their network and transmission products.

ISO9001 Quality, NDAA/TAA Approved, NEMA Certified, Designed in the USA & UK / Made in the UK, Lifetime Warranty and Cost-Effective.

For more information please reach out to usasales@amgsystems.com


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