AMG tests new 90W PoE features on 360 Vision Technology Predator camera

With the introduction of IEEE 802.3BT standard being introduced by more camera manufacturers, we have updated our transmission product range to support 90W Power over Ethernet.
AMG tests new 90W PoE features on 360 Vision Technology Predator camera

AMG tests new 90W PoE features on 360 Vision Technology Predator camera

We were recently able to borrow one of the 360 Vision Technology Predator PTZ’s to test some of these new features!

For this first test, we used our AMG150-2GBT-P180 90W industrial power injector.

With a compact size, this unit is plug and play without the need for any user configuration. 

-40°C to +75°C temperature maintains performance in extreme conditions, with dual power inputs available designed for mission-critical installations. 

Used with the Predator, reliable high performance is guaranteed, and all manufactured in the UK. 

The above image shows the camera set up on the bench. With the Infrared lights on and forcing the wiper and PTZ controls to make the camera consume maximum power and test the PoE to its limit.


The switch GUI shows the PoE port configuration and gives a live power consumption reading. 
We were able to get a 72W draw showing our ability to power the camera at maximum power over PoE. This only happened when we forced the camera to take as much power as possible using the inbuilt Infrared lights. 

As a standard, we saw the camera working at 18W with full function and as low as 13W when idle giving an extremely energy efficient solution.

With this camera we were also able to test our 802.1x protocol which can be used for port security and additional network protection. 

IEEE802.1x – When you plug a device in, it requires authentication which comes from a device on the network. 
Our 9HM2P (Pictured above) has an inbuilt authentication server which was tested with the 360 Predator. 

When the 360 camera was connected to this switch it sent the correct credentials allowing the camera to connect to the network. If someone unplugged this camera and tried the same port they would not be able to access the network unless they had the correct credentials.

AMG can now power 90W devices over PoE and use 802.1x to help protect your network.

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