Critical infrastructure includes Government facilities, Infastructure systems,
large industrial networks, and essential services that are at the
heart of a nations operational requirements. 

Such sites include; communication networks, emergency services, energy production, financial services, food production, government facilities, healthcare, transport, water, defense, chemicals, and medicines. The compromise or loss of these essential services would be devastating for society. 

Protecting the networks that control this infrastructure is paramount. These sites are often located in harsh or challenging environments, so it is vital that the equipment installed to support it can withstand a wide range of extreme elements and temperatures, without the need for additional cooling or heating, all whilst not compromising overall system performance.

Critical infrastructure requires reliable, high-performance transmission equipment. AMG has years of experience in designing and supplying industrial transmission solutions for major projects across the globe and understands the importance of a secure transmission network.

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  • Highways (UK, Ireland & India)

  • National Grid (UK)

Projects have included:

  • Green Energy (Wind Farm)

  • Water Treatment Plant (Oman)

  • National Hydro Power Corporation (India)

  • Akaz Gas power Plant